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Body Butter Recipe
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2011 7:43 pm 
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Body Butters Recipe

Butters (such as Shea, Cocoa, Coconut, Mango etc
Oils – such as Coconut, Almond, Apricot, Jojoba etc
Vegetable Glycerine
Vitamin E Oil
Fragrance/Essential Oils

• Weigh your butters – you can use any combination of butters but some butters – Cocoa Butter especially, will make a harder butter; Coconut & Shea will make a softer butter – depending on how much oil is used. To make approx 250g of Body Butter use 150g total Butter
• Break the Butters into fairly small pieces and place them in a pan. Add the Beeswax and turn on the heat to a medium temperature. To make approx 250g of Body Butter use 25g of beeswax
• Heat and stir until the solids have melted and then remove from the heat.
• Leave to cool for about 10 minutes – then add the Oils, Glycerine and the Vitamin E Oil. To make approx 250g of Body Butter use 50 to 100mls of Oils and 1ml Vit E.

• If you want to make 2 separate fragranced Body Butters you should divide the mixture now.
• You have enough fragrance oil to fragrance all of your butter but if you add it while the butter is still hot, some of the scent will evaporate so it is best to leave it until the butter is semi-solid. To make approx 250g of Body Butter use 5mls of Fragrance Oil OR 1-2mls of Essential Oil.
• Add the fragrance and mix the butter.
• Leave your butter to cool for another half an hour and it is now ready to decant into the Spa Tubs. Give it a vigorous stir – then simply spoon the mixture into the tubs, put the top loosely onto the tub and leave to cool for a few hours.

• When your butter is semi solid (this usually takes half an hour and you will notice the top of the butter going hard), you can whip it using a hand blender or electric whisk. You will need to whisk it for a minute or two and you will notice it begin to go paler and it should ‘fluff’ up. If the butter is still liquid it will take longer to whisk but will still work as the air you are incorporating will cool the butters further.
• TOP TIP – Cocoa butter will make for a much harder whipped butter so I suggest using Shea and Coconut butter and leaving out the beeswax for a soft and creamy butter.

• BODY CREAMS - You can make your Body butter go further by adding some Basic Moisturiser – you could purchase a Skin Creams Kit from http://www.Bath-Bomb.Com. All you need do is:
• When the butter is semi solid add as much or as little moisturising cream as you prefer and mix in. If the butter is still hot the cream will curdle so make sure the butter is at room temperature or less before adding the cream and you can use a blender or whisk to incorporate the ingredients.

• Rub the butter into areas of your skin that need deep moisturising e.g. Elbows, Knees, tops of arms. Your butter is suitable for your face although some people don’t like the oily texture.
• DON’T FORGET – you should put the date on your labels – your butter will last up to 18 months if stored in the fridge.

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Re: Body Butter Recipe
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Thanks for this informative post. It help me a lot.
I hope lots of people visit this site so they can easily learn this informative post.
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